Please leave if mail order of Misaki Tuna! We will deliver the tuna tuna that the tuna carefully selected carefully, from the Misaki port directly to the tuna tuna.

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The reason why our customers choose

Competing on flavor and freshness!
The Misaki Megumi Suisan Corporation

The Misaki Megumi Suisan Corporation is a Maguro wholesaler with more than forty years of experience and accomplishments working at Misaki Port in Miura, also called the hometown of Maguro. The Misaki Megumi Suisan Corporation delivers Maguro, carefully selected by expert workmen, directly to your home.
The products are stored until just prior to shipping in a super low temperature freezer (-60℃) that is attached to the processing plant, which results in outstanding freshness.
We reduce loss through an up-to-date distribution network, which includes the discernment of professionals who exclusively specialize in stocking Maguro, our track record in the Misaki market, super low temperature freezers and low temperature delivery facilities, and we are passionate about advanced techniques to maximize flavor and about “delivering delicious Maguro.” This combination allows us to deliver truly delicious Maguro to our customers.
For us Japanese, Maguro is an important food item, and it is absolutely essential both in terms of nutrition and as an aspect of our culinary culture.
Even among the numerous landing ports for Maguro, “Misaki Maguro” has long been particularly praised as the supreme brand.
The Misaki Megumi Suisan Corporation takes responsibility for delivering this Misaki Maguro to customers across the country.

We are confident in the high quality of our Maguro.

Misaki Maguro

Misaki Port in Miura, Kanagawa Prefecture, is the only Maguro landing port in the Kanto area and one of the prominent frozen Maguro landing ports in Japan. Pelagic fishing vessels with super low temperature (-60℃) quick freezer depart from Misaki Port, catch seasonal Maguro all over the world, and then return to Misaki Port in Miura. This is why Maguro fish collected at Misaki Port in Miura are called “Misaki Maguro,” and their quality is highly appreciated.

Our recommendation
This “Ice Water Thawing Method” is best for preventing loss of flavor.
Here is how to easily thaw Maguro.

  • 1
    Take out the slab of frozen Maguro.
  • 2
    Quickly rinse off the surface with tap water.
  • 3
    Remove excess water with a paper towel.
  • 4
    Place the slab inside a plastic bag. (We recommend Ziploc®.) Close the mouth of the bag to prevent water from entering.
  • 5
    Prepare some ice water,and soak the Maguro in a Ziploc®, for about an hour and a half.
  • 6
    Take out the slab and place it on a water absorbing sheet. Thawing is complete when all dripping (meat juice) stops and the slab takes on a nice red color.

When preparing sashimi slices for consumption:

  • 7
    Cut from the left side at a 45-degree angle “sogigiri-style” into slices of uniform thickness.
  • 8
    Arrange perilla leaves on a large platter. Complete the dish by arranging the slices of Maguro on top of them.